Cajutel to connect, Disconnected West Africa

Cajutel to connect, Disconnected West Africa

The Internet has become an integral part of the 21st-century infrastructure. It is a necessity of even small business to start and for growing the business to the globe, as well as other industries which involve education, health care, agriculture, small-business development, and humanitarian response. Without access to the internet, detached communities are off guard, and the digital divide will keep on becoming more extensive.

Internet access is vital to modern education. In Guinea-Bissau, students struggled to complete assignments and they were not connected to the internet, a vital part of studies students require internet because education is also out of books and — it also gives them the chance to compete for the same high-caliber job opportunities in the future. Internet gets to empower these understudies to not just make up for lost time to their associates in very much associated huge urban areas — it likewise allows them to go after a similar high-gauge opening for work later on.

This situation is not unique to rural African students. Approximately 70% of teachers in the US assign homework and research requiring broadband access, but 5 million students still lack broadband access at home, placing them at a severe disadvantage.

Cajutel believes blockchain technology can help Africa gain better internet access. Cajutel’s vision is to build the most cost-effective broadband access network and to provide state of the art communications for its customers — thus creating a big boost to the education and economy. The company also plans on delivering affordable, reliable Internet communication to the local market, and is focused on providing the best performing mobile data network for Guinea-Bissau and Guinea.

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