Slow Internet Problems in West Africa and How Cajutel is Assisting the Situation

Slow Internet Problems in West Africa and How Cajutel is Assisting the Situation

The Internet has become a basic need of everyone in the world and it would be very frustrating if you have to deal with slow internet. This is one of the major problems in West African countries. The people have to suffer the curse of slow internet speed. In the data of Global Broadband Speed Leagues display that most of the West African countries are placed at the lowest positions.

The countries of all over Africa and not just West Africa are positioning at very lower ranks on the global data. The total countries in the data are around 207 and Equatorial Guinea is positioned at 205, Niger (West Africa) at 202, Ethiopia at 201, the Republic of Congo at 197.

The other west African countries are Benin, Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Nigeria, Mali, Ivory Coast, Togo, Liberia, Senegal, and their respective rankings are 196, 194, 189, 186, 176, 175, 168, 163, 161, 159 at the Global Broadband Speed League data in 2019. It took almost a whole day and more to download 7.5 GB high definition movie in these countries.

The internet in West African countries is very expensive and very slow, mostly due to lack of Infrastructure development there and power cuts, a person can not rely on the internet. To more worsen the situation the only two mobile operators also focus more on communication service rather than the 3G and 4G internet service and the lone reason they are providing the service because it is compulsory by law.

The drawback for this situation is that they are not even provided with incentives to make it fast and affordable for the people there. The Ethereum’s based venture Cajutel has taken a step and initiate a start-up there to provide high-speed internet using 100% solar power.

The initiative’s named Cajutel Sarl. The company is based in Guinea-Bissau, but it is under Swiss owner. The main shareholder of the company also owns DataCell ehf, which create and works for a datacenter of crypto mining and it has also helped Wikileaks for credit card remittances in the year 2010.

On the other hand, the company in 2007 also begun a mobile operating service in Iceland named Icell EHF and functioned Emax, in which they utilize 4G technology and Backbone EHF in the rural area wireless internet access service. Now, the company is working in West African countries to provide high-speed internet to the people there at low rates. The company is working to provide long-term service to the customers and they are using cryptocurrency funding to raise money for the project.

The “personal internet” is not a concept in west Africa and where it is present the connectivity is very slow. by providing affordable access to the internet, Cajutel will expand the sectors of education and business to that area and it will improve the situation of the economy.

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