Cajutel Fixing Internet Connectivity to commence Guinea-Bissau’s Digital Future

Cajutel Fixing Internet Connectivity to commence Guinea-Bissau’s Digital Future

We live so serenely in our Wi-Fi connected homes with cell phones and applications that can convey nearly anything to our doorstep that we often forget there is an entirely a different universe out there.

Disregard 4G internet, there are nations where individuals do not have even have 2.5G EDGE. The available internet rates are so costly and the normal wage is little to the point that individuals can’t bear the cost of them. For us, Internet may be a need; however, it is luxury for some.

Guinea-Bissau, an African country with a population of nearly 1.92 million, the population struggles for basic rights such as proper healthcare, education, and transport. Other social issues faced are treatment of people with disability, cultural inhibitions stopping people from progressing towards education and employment, and use of primitive technology.

Internet has the potential to transform the world when it comes to development of any country internet can be a foundation stone, upon which the entire building of development can be build. Internet can provide better education, when it comes to increasing GDP, Internet can help the business to grow worldwide, learn and adapt new efficient technologies.

The internet today is an essential need of life and in numerous nations, access to internet is viewed as a human right. While there are projects like cajutel working for betterment and growth of countries like this. Cajutel a Guinea-Bissau based company focused on providing High speed internet at affordable costs to masses of the nation, Cajutel aims to eradicate digital divide, where the world is full of knowledge and opportunities available for everyone, Cajutel wants to give people of guinea-bissau that access to the information.

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