Cajutel is set to Bridge the Digital Divide by providing Internet to West Africa

Cajutel is set to Bridge the Digital Divide by providing Internet to West Africa

The internet of things has become a vital part of the telecom world. The concept of communication through the internet is unique and has the potential to affect the lives of many people. While there are several, people who really didn’t understand the very concept of IoT and how it works.

With the rise of this revolutionary broadband technology, the internet has become more widespread, many devices were created like a wifi device which can connect you with the rest of the world in just a click. The Internet lets anyone access to the data, which is stored at some far-fetched server without traveling miles. The access to the information one ever need is in their hands.

As most part of the world is connected to each other via internet technology there are still millions of people who don’t have access to the internet which results in the digital divide. The digital divide refers to the different levels of access to digital technologies due to which people cannot actually access and exploit the opportunities provided by the digital revolution.

Most homes in Africa have Internet service, but they don’t in the western part of Africa, there are countries like Guinea-Bissau and nearby suburbs who have less than 5% internet penetration rate. A survey showed that most of the area’s households with very less income had neither home broadband nor mobile Internet access, often because of the cost. Another 10 percent had a mobile phone but no home broadband.

The lack of internet speed and extremely high charges make it even worst for people to spend on the internet, we can say the internet is still a luxury in Guinea-Bissau, which only riches can afford to have. Cajutel a Guinea-Bissau based telecom company is all set to roll out solar-powered high-speed 4g internet to West Africa in very affordable costs, to provide internet to those who had never interacted with the Internet before.

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