Cajutel: Internet can Change Life of the World’s Poorest People

Cajutel: Internet can Change Life of the World’s Poorest People

With the evolution and penetration of the internet and technologies that are highly based on the internet, are part of our private and collective lives and how our societies function at different levels have adversely changed. We can call it a remarkable development, It is becoming cost-effective, even profitable, to serve the world’s poorest two billion people — whether they are online or not.

Entrepreneurs are creating better opportunities for people on every sector whether it is education, commercial, agriculture and so on with rising of the Internet of things, the opportunities have opened its doors for those who never had access to much resources. The Internet has changed the lives of many, be it is a poor student of any village who learned the latest technology by only watching youtube video’s, now earning a very good sum.

The internet has the power to transform the world, economic development comes from directly connecting people to the internet, billions of people cannot afford smartphones, and many might never get them. Innovators must think around that barrier. While there are people who can’t afford to use the internet, the Internet is still a luxury for them.

Cajutel is bringing the internet to those you had never interacted to the internet. Cajutel is made by a company named Cajutel Sarl, a Guinea-Bissau-based company under Swiss ownership. High-speed internet is an absolute necessity for a modern economy. With that in mind, Cajutel wants to provide high-speed internet across West Africa. The goal is to build a solar-powered network that provides high-speed internet to West Africans at an affordable price.

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