Cajutel’s solar-powered Internet could soon connect Guinea-Bissau

Cajutel’s solar-powered Internet could soon connect Guinea-Bissau

Despite the efforts of government, broadband internet penetration in Guinea-Bissau, the country is unlikely to hit that target. As of 2017, internet penetration in Guinea-Bissau was at 173rd position — among the lowest in the world, according to the ICT Development Index, which is published by the United Nations International Telecommunication Union.

While country lacks technological advancement, it also appears to lose grip of its position, as the emerging market’s growth in the fastest growing technology economy. Many regions of the African continent are still very backward in terms of technological advancements due to lack of education, resources, and poor living conditions. Majorly because of poor infrastructure and low internet penetration which is leading the digital divide.

Cajutel, a broadband infrastructure provider, is one of the operators looking to increase connectivity and access to broadband in Guinea-Bissau and beyond. Cajutel aims to close the digital divide between West Africa and the rest of the world. Cajutel at the forefront of creating the required backbone infrastructure that will boost digital market viability and minimize the challenges of accessibility and reliability across sectors and layered connectivity needs.

While mobile connectivity has already proved to improve the welfare of millions of people across the globe, Cajutel is all set for opening the door to new digital possibilities and powering the country’s economic development.

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