Cajutel to improve Internet access in West Africa

Cajutel to improve Internet access in West Africa

The slow pace of Internet development on the continent is reflected in low levels of use. Only 2.6 percent of Africans have access to the Internet. When broken down by country, the level of Internet use in most of Africa is even lower account for nearly half of all users. The plan to ensure that all countries are connected to each other through a broadband system. These countries will, in turn, be linked to the rest of the world through other submarine cables. Currently, the lack of adequate broadband connections has been a major hindrance to Africa’s progress.

Cajutel’s main objective is to improve the quality of communications in West Africa by building the much-required infrastructure connecting every remote and rural area of Guinea-Bissau, which mainly provides high-speed internet, Asides speed, the system will also contribute to reductions in data traffic costs which can be passed onto both commercial users and consumers.

With Cajutel being open to every customer it will significantly upscale the digital economies of various African and improve global communication efficiencies for customers in Africa. This greatly improved connectivity will enhance trade opportunities because of cultural similarities between the two Portuguese nations.

Cajutel is very optimistic about the future of the continent’s communications development, cajutel will serve to provide a more direct and efficient route for data accessibility. Indeed, by building infrastructure that enables high-speed internet network efficiency across the country can be greatly enhanced.

The Guinea-Bissau Cable System is the latest chapter in this development, one which cajutel believes will go down as a game changer.

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