Cajutel advancing Internet access in developing countries

Cajutel advancing Internet access in developing countries

Access to the affordable Internet is increasingly a development priority and even considered a basic right. There are huge economic and social benefits to be reaped from Internet access, as evidenced by gross domestic product contributions, as well as projections. However, a majority of the world’s population, most of who are in developing nations, remain unconnected.

A crucial policy debate on how to avail Internet access, while upholding and preserving the openness of the Internet, also known as net neutrality, is emerging as state actors, private sector players and civil society alike operate in this space. The practice of zero-rating is one of the most popular approaches to getting the unconnected online. This follows the fact that the mobile phone is the primary device through which the ‘next billion’ Internet users are expected to get online.

The challenge for policy makers and regulators in developing countries is to develop infrastructure for high-speed 4g internet will be needed to expand Internet access to underserved communities, without compromising the fundamental principles of a free and open Internet.

Cajutel sarl is an upcoming wireless internet and cellular service provider looking to provide services in Guinea-Bissau, and neighboring countries. While utilizing 4G technology, it will also heavily incorporate blockchain and cryptocurrency technology.

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